Foremost Foods originally introduced the friendly cow in 1979, to make drinking milk  seem more enticing  to children. The cow, with her big smile and fashionable hair bow, first began appearing in Foremost’s print ads in January of that year. She took a break for a while before returning to the company’s print ads again in 1981. She was still just “the cow” and while it was clear she had appeal, what she didn’t have was a name - but that was soon to change.

In 1984, Foremost Foods launched an island-wide competition among the public elementary schools to name their cow. The prize was a shiny new red BMX bicycle and some delicious treats from Foremost Foods. Lots of children entered but the winner was five year old Shauna Santos. “I almost didn’t enter,” said Shauna, “But I really wanted that bike.”



The newly named Chamoorita continued to appear in Foremost Foods ads for many years and also on milk cartons. Foremost also had a costume made so that Chamoorita could make public appearances, visiting sick children in the hospital and bringing smiles to their faces. Eventually, the company had a special statue made and when they moved to their location on Marine Corps Drive, the statue was placed on top of the roadside billboard.